The Most Serious Threat to Our Civilization

When the question, “What is the most serious threat facing our civilization?” was posed to Michael Crichton, he eloquently replied: “Loss of classical liberal values in those western societies that embraced them. England was the first modern state, the first

Who are You Fooling?

You gotta love this quote from a recent Al Reuters article, “Saudi officials say the kingdom would only consider talks if Israel clearly accepted the Arab peace initiative without any conditions.”  You gotta admit, one thing these towel-wearing, sheet-dragging freaks have beyond

UN is a Nightmare

I couldn’t ignore this fantastic speech from Hillel Neuer, Director of UN Watch.  Especially after the morally mis-aligned bastards at the UN threatened to quell the entire speech.  You can read the speech here… I’ve extracted parts of it below: “Six

Circular Moral Logic

Perhaps this will give you a true idea of my political viewpoint… Do ever wonder about the circular logic in these moral perspectives defined below?  I’ve seen these views expressed by folks on both the Right and Left of the political spectrum:

Barometer of Democracy

A great quote from world-famous historian, Victor Davis Hanson: “Israel serves today as the ethical barometer in the western collective mind. Support for it brings no oil, no ingratiation with terrorists, no psychological lift of the usual easy bullying of