Moslems Don’t Like the Pope

Surprise, Surprise!  As reported in most of the news services today, “Moslems around the world expressed outrage Friday over Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on Islam”… Remember, these are those folks that strap bombs to children, hide weapons in hospitals, and

War of Civilizations

Well, Henry Kissinger has come out of the woodwork to warn Europe and the United States that they must work together to head-off the impending war of civilizations between the Western and Moslem cultures.  The Washington Post article quotes Kissinger

I Used to be a Democrat

You probably read the title and said to yourself, “DZ used to be a Democrat??”  Well, it’s not true.   I wrote it this way for my cousin Nancy.  It seems as if every day, there are more stories about someone that

Nuclear Terrorism

In the 1950’s, when the cold war first became a reality, citizens of the United States had their first exposure to the possibility of mass destruction.  The notion of the Soviet Union dropping an atom bomb was very real.  This

Political Correctness

Here is an interesting one from DryBones that forces us to recall the craziness of political correctness… and how it’s now become a central part of Western Liberalism and Islamic Extremism.

Moderate Moslems?

A so-called moderate intellectual from the heart of the Arab world, Abdel Mahdi Al-Soudi, a sociology professor at the University of Jordan noted recently, “The Arabs want the 1967 border for the moment – listen to me: for the moment.” Al-Soudi then

Hezbollah’s Final Solution

Alan Dershowitz writes in that “Hezbollah’s aim is not to ‘end the occupation of Palestine,’ or even to ‘liberate all of Palestine.’ Its goal is to kill the world’s Jews. Listen to the words of its leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah: