Rules for a Successful War

In a recent National Review article he entitled “Surreal Rules”, Victor Davis Hanson describes the difficulties of fighting in an absurdly complicated region.  He uses hyperbole to outline the rules that he has concluded are necessary for winning a war in

Mel Gibson

According to Fox News, Mel Gibson may have a problem with Jews — he says that they’re responsible for all the wars, they’ve inflated the number of dead in the Holocaust, etc.   But Gibson likes one Jewish person a lot.

Hezbollah’s PR Machine

Clifford May, a former New York Times foreign correspondent writes in National Review, “… give Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, and other Islamist fascists credit: They understand the perverse psychology of their enemies, the infidels. They know how to confuse us, how

Democrats Without Direction

You may be aware that three-term incumbent Joe Lieberman and Edward “Ned” Lamont will vie for the title of Connecticut’s Democrat Senatorial Candidate in that state’s primary next Tuesday.  Even though Lieberman was the Democrat’s Vice Presidential candidate in 2000

The Story Behind Social Security

This little story was sent to me from Mark Clower.  Neither he nor I can vouch for its accuracy, but it’s interesting reading: Here is a little history on the Social Security Program.  Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social

Politics and Reality

Stephen Colbert recently interviewed Washington DC’s shadow member of Congress, Eleanor Holmes Norton.  The YouTube web site has the very funny video, especially the part where Colbert argues with Norton about discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.

Middle Eastern Update

Hezbollah is a group of 15,000 well-armed terrorists that are accountable to no one except the rogue nations of Syria and Iran.  The concepts of “disproportionate response”, “moral equivalency”, or other inventions of western culture are simply not applicable. You

German Views on the Middle East

An interesting editorial in the German newspaper/site Der Spiegel…   Matthias Kuntzel indicates the reasons “Why Israel’s Reaction is Right”.  For a European, he highlights some interesting observations and conclusions: In 2003, 59 percent of all Europeans pointed to Israel as