Iran is Getting Nukes

Surprise, Surprise (or not)… There might be good reasons for the administration officials to overlook the facts.  First, a public acknowledgement of Iran’s cheatings would unravel the agreement.  Second, the unraveling of the agreement would result in Iran expelling the IAEA

Stop Complaining and Vote

I was a supporter of Ted Cruz.  However, he’s not on the ballot for President… so who do you consider as the next best candidate? It has become part of my morning routine to groan when I see the litany

Does Anti-Semitism Matter?

What do you think would happen if a white Russian refused to wrestle a black African at the Olympics?  It would likely be on every mainstream TV station in America calling it a travesty equivalent to mass murder… Three nights

Why is Obama Dishonest about Islam?

The Manchurian Marxist Moslem frequently explains that a terrorist attack isn’t really “Islamic” or isn’t significant…  It’s interesting to note the tendencies and beliefs of certain groups: A comprehensive German study of 45,000 immigrant youths, reported in 2010, found that while increasing religiosity among

Great Summary of Clinton vs Trump

This is the “money-quote” that sums up the 2016 Presidential race quite nicely: “Democrats have a nominee with whom I profoundly disagree on almost everything, while the Republicans have a nominee with whom it is impossible to disagree because he is

Is France Surrendering Again?

It sort of makes you wonder about the Frenchies: They’re under attack in a one-sided war waged against their civilians, their culture, their heritage, their religion…by an enemy that lives within their walls and whom they are committed to support,