The Politics of Woke Corporations

It is interesting how many US corporations are blindly embracing Black Lies Matter and Antifactual, while at the same time ignoring very real violations of human rights in other parts of the world.  A deeper dive into the underlying motivations

Regular Bicycling Around Dayton

Update A  17-mile ride through downtown Dayton and east to Eastwood Lake.   August 8, 2020 A 20-mile ride through the hilly areas around Englewood dam in North Dayton.   July 25, 2020 Another 15-mile trip around downtown Dayton and

Dayton Dragons Baseball

We attended our first Dragon’s baseball game this season on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Needless to say, all I have to do is attend one baseball game to quickly determine why I don’t attend many more.

First Four Basketball in Dayton

We attended the First Four NCAA basketball games on Tuesday and Wednesday at UD Arena.  It looks like the games were very well attended again this year.  The most interesting contest was the matchup between St. Johns and Arizona State,

Blue Jackets vs Ducks

Bear and I attended the NHL hockey game at Nationwide Arena last night.  We  had some great seats in the lower level of the arena.  While the home team Blue Jackets dominated most of the game, Columbus ended up losing