A Bunch of Basketball

We’ve had a “boat load” of basketball in Southwest Ohio this weekend… there was the OSU victory .vs. Tennessee on Saturday afternoon; the UD .vs. La Salle victory on Saturday evening; and the WSU .vs. UWGB victory at home on Saturday night… Wow!

Buckeyes Lose Big

I won’t perform a detailed analysis of the BCS football game from last night.  There will be plenty of articles on the Internet and numerous sports pundits on television talking about this game for days.  Needless to say, the Ohio

UD Wins Conference Opener

We went to the University of Dayton basketball game yesterday evening for the A-10 conference opener against UNC-Charlotte (tickets courtesy of Alan and Myrne – thanks).  UD really struggled but pulled out an exciting win 66 to 63.  I’ll have to

Wright State Basketball

Len and I went to the Wright State basketball yesterday evening and watched the Raiders smoke the Indiana-Purdue-Ft. Wayne Mastodons 72 to 58…  I must say that these WSU basketball games are still the best value in Division 1 basketball. 

Shaq Smashes the Backboard

I don’t recall seeing this when it first occurred, but this destruction happened when Shaquille O’Neal first started playing in the NBA at Orlando.  It’s a very short video excerpt, but it reveals one reason why Shaq will make a

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Since I consider myself to be happiest when I’m multi-tasking, I’ve always found it difficult to continually practice the same sports routines.  Nevertheless I’ve always believed in the notion of “muscle memory”… Well, according to an article in NewScientist, endless hours spent

More Great Hockey Scores

These are courtesy of Scott Morris… Another great shootout goal comes to mind from last season when Marek Malik, defenseman for the Rangers, scores a beautiful goal… between his legs!  You can see the video here.  Possibly the best goal