Farmer Wisdom

A flatlander drives off the road and his car gets stuck in a ditch. Along comes a farmer with a workhorse and he is asked for help. He hitches the horse up to the car and yells, “Pull Tiffany!”
The horse doesn’t move an inch.
Then he yells, “Pull Montana!”
The horse barely stirs.
Then he yells, “Pull Dixie!”
The horse stands at attention.
Then the farmer yells out, “Pull Morgan!” and the horse steps right up in the harness and pulls the car easily out of the ditch.
The flatlander looks in amazement and asks, “Couldn’t you remember the name of your own horse?”
The farmer smiles and says, “Well, that’s not how it is. He’s blind and I didn’t want him to think that he would have to do all that pullin’ on his own!”

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