Democrat Food For Thought

I don’t recall where I came across these images, but they sum up the most basic political questions very succinctly. Here is an interesting fact to buttress the claim above: 19 of the top 20 cities in the US with

Obamagate is Back

The leftists and Democrats are not going to be able to hide behind the diversions anymore.   Update More insights being uncovered about the actors and actions in Obamagate: The belated discovery of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s January 2017

Chardonnay Grapes in Ohio

I’ve got a few grape plants around my yard, with one Chardonnay plant in particular in a large pot on my deck.  I’ve been extremely pleased with the growth and the quantity of grape clusters on the vines this year. 

Popular Mechanics Goes Political

I’ve commented previously that many of the engineering and technical journals have started outsourcing the writing to so-called ‘journalists’.  That is, writers that don’t really have a passion or the insights for the topic are creating sophomoric stories.   In this

Does AI Mean ‘Augmented Intelligence’?

Update Here is another article, this time in TechSpot, that outlines some of the presumptuous and misleading claims for artificial intelligence: In a separate study from last year that analyzed neural network recommendation systems used by media streaming services, researchers found

COVID, Democrats, and Lunacy

Is there a pattern there?  Have the Democrat Governors and Mayors just lost their minds? The Mayor of Los Angeles came to a press conference where he ordered every Los Angeles resident to wear a face mask to get “more