Seen on This Blog – Meritocracist

Update Leave it to crazy San Francisco, California… the Vice President of the San Francisco Board of Education has publicly stated that merit and meritocracy are racist systems. Who are these crazy people responsible for actively working to dumb-down the

The Democrat Agenda

It is important to understand that the basic philosophy and actions of leftist Democrats appear to focus on undermining and mitigating traditional western values.  Of course, it’s essential to judge people not by their words or flowery promises, but by

Obamagate is Back

Will the Leftists and Democrats be able to hide behind the diversions in perpetuity?   Update Some notes from a realistic and plausible editorial about Obamagate: No-one was ever unaware of the purpose of Robert Mueller… Everyone knew… That list

Presenting Their View of Fiction

Update It’s very disconcerting when journalists adopt the hard left position of “controlling the fiction”. Confronted with this crisis of legitimacy, today’s corporate media increasingly advances ideas that would delight would-be power trippers of any party—like establishing novel forms of