Are We Heading Towards World War III?

Given the harsh political divisions in our country, there are many people speculating that the United States could experience another civil war on par with that deadly conflict in 1860s. However, there are not many pundits considering the possibility of

EV Fire Backs-Up the Highway

We were heading south on I-75 to meet some friends for dinner when we encountered this electric vehicle fully ablaze near Moraine (see photos below).  As we drove by in the left lane, we could feel the intense heat and

What is Chanukah?

December 9, 2023 Another update for the holiday of Chanukah.  This time with a YouTube video that provides a nice video summary.   December 17, 2022 Update It’s time to dust-off the old reliable article that I first wrote during

The American Left

It appears that the Democrat Party is only interested in power and chaos. Today’s Democrat leadership is controlled by Leftist factions angrily pushing issues that lack support from a majority of Americans: open borders, COVID lockdowns, defunding the police, refusing

Some Political Humor

Update Some new ones for your enjoyment (courtesy of Joe K).   February 26, 2023 Is there any other kind of humor?  The first cartoon below expresses the only solution left for those living in the madness of Lori Lightweight’s