Palestinian Elections

Well, I suppose it’s time for me to weigh-in on the recent Palestinian elections… I won’t repeat the numerous comments from Little Green Footballs, Daniel Pipes, DebkaFile, etc.  In addition, history has already shown us that it’s in the best interests of the United States and Israel to do the opposite of anything that Jimmy Carter suggests.

In my view, this election result is actually better for Israel for two reasons (you probably just said to yourself: “huh!?”)  First, the election of a terrorist group that readily admits that it wants to follow the genocidal plans of Nazi Germany helps to clarify the predominant Moslem outlook towards Jews. It’s important for the public to understand these true intentions of the Palestinian rank and file. Second, it helps to establish realistic expectations for the relationship between Israel and its Moslem neighbors.  For years, I have been telling my family that it is not realistic to plan in the near term (i.e., the next 25 years) for ‘peace’ between Jew and Moslem in the Middle East…  Even the relationship with Egypt is in reality a state of non-war.

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  1. I agree. Hamas at least is honest enough to admit what they really stand for. Also, the PA would never be able to deliver on any of their promises without the backing of Hamas. Now at least there is clarity.

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