Are Democrats and Republicans the Same?

Update Glenn Reynolds commenting about Howard Schultz running for President: I don’t like Schultz, but it’s amusing to see how much the anti-outsider reaction against him from both parties mirrors that against Trump. The parties’ biggest fear isn’t that someone

Reality and Politics

If we didn’t have information disseminated to us via the internet or over the airwaves from radio and television, what would we really know about the rest of the world around us?   I’m willing to wager that we’d wake up

The Cost of Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is out of control. Update I recently read a very detailed book on the various sources of cost in the American healthcare system, “An American Sickness“, which describes all the components and players involved in delivering

We Have No King

I very much agree with this viewpoint expressed by Charles Cooke: Irrespective of whether he was a great man or a poor one, George H. W. Bush was a public employee. He was not a king. He was not a

What is the Washington Post?

While flipping through the Washington Post web site, I encountered this snippet below about “How to Remove Kavanaugh”. It just makes you wonder about the worldview of the Post editorial board and the Democrat party.  Kavanaugh has been an accomplished