Black Racist Says ‘Jews are my enemy’

Update Anti-Semitism continues…   December 19, 2019 Evidently, the Jersey City official that practices “open” anti-Semitism, (Ms. Terrell-Paige) showed no remorse for her harsh comments about Jews.   When she was asked if she regretted her statements, she said, “No, I

Communism, Capitalism… and Money

The latest with the NBA and China has focused a bright light on the tensions between Communism and Capitalism (always remember that the true tensions are between tyranny and anarchy).  It’s an interesting situation with all of the emerging American

Who Should be Allowed to Carry a Gun?

This commentary provides a good illustration of a common political paradox (or hypocrisy): Democrats have complained about police brutality for years. The police, they assure us, are out of control. And, the story goes, they have it in for anyone

Trump: Triumph and Tragedy

Some extractions of Victor Davis Hanson’s book and analysis of Trump.  In a nutshell, given the current trajectory of the country, Trump is the right man for the job: Hanson predicts that Trump will go the way of most tragic