Democrat Humor

Is this humor from Democrats or humor about Socialist Dimocrats? There’s not much worse than a Leftist self-hating Jew…   Leftists and Islamists just love America so much…  

Democrat Election Strategy

This is an interesting summary description of the strategy behind most of the Democrats running for President: You name it, and there’s a Democratic candidate out there offering to give it to people if they’d just vote for them. How

The Symbol of the Democrat Party

From my buddy, Joe K, this view of the Democrat political party: The Democrat Party today announced that it is changing its symbol from the Donkey to a Condom because it more accurately reflects the Party’s political stance.    

Is it Time for Another Probe in Washington?

Update From the Boston Herald, a strong statement about the apparent Obama-initiated conspiracy: It’s become abundantly clear there was a conspiracy waged against a sitting U.S. president now that the Robert Mueller investigation has confirmed the Russia collusion hoax was

Miami Open 2019

We took a mini-vacation in Miami, Florida and we used the opportunity to attend two days of the Miami Open. We saw five very good ’round-of-16′ and quarterfinal ATP matches – Aliassime; Kyrgios; Anderson (all on the Grandstand court) and

Relying Too Much on Stereotypes

Some great comments about relying too much on stereotypes: Most of us have always known exactly what real racism is.  It is the intellectual laziness of over-generalizing in either direction.  Human beings are neither guilty nor innocent by the light of their