Tyranny of the Weak

A very interesting interview with Ruthie Blum in the Jerusalem Post… a few excerpts: Generally, Westerners prefer to ignore the ideological dimension and focus on pragmatic problem-solving. They seek the “root causes” of terrorism, as if they were material… Indeed, the essential

Scarlet Letter in Iran… Nope

The infamous BBC reported that an Iranian adulterer has been stoned to death in public.  With this Moslem custom of punishment by stoning, a male convict is buried up to his waist with his hands tied behind his back, and

Source of Moslem Hatred

After 9/11, there were many that claimed the United States was responsible for Moslem hatred.   In reality, we’ve seen terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom that were perpetrated by Moslem doctors — not your typical disenfranchised laborer.  The New York

Are We Already at War with Iran?

Is Iran fomenting unrest throughout the Middle East?  Interestingly, Senator Joseph Lieberman wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal that challenges the US Congress to address this proxy war that Iran is organizing.  A few excerpts: In addition to

Charity in the United States

An interesting story in the Associated Press about charitable giving in the US: Americans gave nearly $300 billion to charitable causes last year, setting a new record…  Americans give twice as much as the next most charitable country, according to a

Catholic Priests Trolling Here?

I recently performed a cursory review of some of the visitors to my blog, and I came across this interesting visitor… as you can see from the screen capture, a user from the St Joan of Arc Catholic Church performed

He Talk Like a White Boy

An interesting article from La Shawn Barber about Joseph C. Phillips, a black man who grew up trying to be an American but was unable to escape the stereotypes of black culture.  La Shawn doesn’t mention it, but where I grew up,

Israel and India in Strategic Cooperation

According to StrategyPage, Israel and India are increasing their cooperation in the fight against Islamic terrorism. India has been suffering from Islamic violence for centuries, but Israel has been at the forefront in developing effective weapons, equipment, and tactics to