Myths of Moslem Superiority

There appears to be a popular myth that at one time the Arab Moslems contributed greatly to modern culture, science, and technology… well, there is an article in the Brussels Journal that claims otherwise: When the Arab Muslims, a collection

US Congressmen Who Declined to Support Israel

On Thursday the US House of Representatives voted 410 to 8 in favor of a resolution “condemning the recent attacks against the State of Israel, holding terrorists and their state-sponsors accountable for such attacks, [and] supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Straddling a Fence

Here is a good example of the inane logic of the US Senate… In May, amid great public clamor about the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico, the U.S. Senate voted 83-16 in favor of building nearly 400 miles

Hezbollah threatens the United States

According to a recent article in WorldNetDaily, Hezbollah’ threats to attack U.S. interests around the world are being taken seriously by U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials who say the group’s agents have attempted illegal entry into the country through the

Kuwait Supports Israel’s Position?

You probably know the old proverb, Arabs will support the position of Israel “when pigs fly” (kosher pigs?)… Well, the editor-in-chief of the Kuwait Arab Times, endorses Jerusalem’s self-defense:  “… Unfortunately we must admit that in such a war the

Decoding the Bible

With the recent interest in the veracity of biblical stories, as evidenced by interest in movies such as the Da Vinci Code, there is a new effort in the Middle East to validate the Bible.  A recent article in the Jerusalem

Moslems Go After the Hindus

Well, it appears that the Moslems have decided that it’s not enough to kill the Jewish and Christian “Infidels”, it’s now time to kills the Hindus as well.   The Times of India says the Mumbai train bombings were perpetrated by

The Age of Deconstruction

Earlier generations lived in the Age of Reason, we live in the Age of Deconstruction, where our Universities and institutions are more interested in deconstructing and breaking down all of our cultural heritage than in defending it and passing it