Moslem Intentions

As much as you have to hate Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejed, there is one nice thing about having him around — He doesn’t mince words when it comes to the ways Moslems’ think.  Ahmadinejed has called on Moslem countries to mobilize against

Tennis & Moslems

A recent AP story indicates that Israel was awarded a tennis Federation Cup match when the Indonesian team forfeited by refusing to play.  For those of you not aware, Indonesia is primarily a Moslem nation that doesn’t much like to

The Gaza Syndrome

Moshe Arens, former Israeli Defense Minister, writes an editorial in Haaretz about the situation in Gaza: “There is something about Gaza that almost inevitably leads to mistaken judgments by Israeli decision makers…it became clear that if we refused to go

More on Republican Spending

I’m not a big fan of Senator John McCain, however, he’s saying things that resonate with us fiscal conservatives… In prepared remarks Friday, McCain said, “Republicans intent on safeguarding power in Washington have drifted from the values of the Reagan

GW Bush – The Big Government Spender

For those of you that are fiscal conservatives, you’ll probably like the book: Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy, by Bruce Bartlett. This book levies harsh criticism on Bush due to his big-government liberal spending. Bartlett

The Chinese Military Threat

Well, the Chinese are up to their shenanigans again…  According to a recent article in Defense Tech, the Chinese government is threatening to launch a GPS satellite system that would interfere with the Pentagon’s GPS broadcast. That’s the signal that

Terrorism and Liberalism

Many of you may remember when Moslem extremists beheaded Nick Berg in Iraq in 2004.  Well… Michael Berg, Nick’s father and the renowned liberal Jewish pacifist, said on Thursday that he blamed President Bush for his son’s death.  This is interesting… If

The Canadian Ostrich

Perhaps you’ve missed the recent news that the politically-correct nation of Canada arrested 17 Moslems for terror activities…  Even when the police nail a cell of 17 would-be terrorists, catching them red-handed with detonaton devices and 3 tons of fertilizer

Al Gore – The Global Weatherman

Al Gore is off telling the world that the end is near… Some web-based videos have swirled through the blogosphere ridiculing the Vice President-turned-weatherman-turned-movie producer. I particularly like this one at YouTube.