Primary Election Day

I did my civic duty and showed up at the Stillwater Church near my home to cast my ballot.  Since most people tend to skip a primary election (I’m still trying to get my wife out to vote…), I specifically

ACLU & Privacy

While I’m typically not a fan of the ACLU, this short video on AdCritic Interactive illustrates some of the humorous and frightening issues associated with technology and our loss of privacy.  Click on the screenshot below (make sure that you

Why Do So Many Jews Vote Democrat?

The most frequent question that my non-Jewish friends ask me is: ‘why are Jews so liberal?’ The question is entirely legitimate since Jews (outside of Israel) are indeed overwhelmingly liberal and disproportionately left of liberal as well. For example, other

George Bush the Dissident

Natan Sharansky writes in today’s Wall Street Journal, that President Bush is indeed a dissident that is fired by a deep belief in the universal appeal of freedom, its transformative power, and its critical connection to international peace and stability.  However, he

War on Terrorism

The so-called War on Terrorism, as defined by President Bush, is having mixed results.  One of the problems appears to be that the war planners have dedicated a major portion of their resources to fight the insurgency in Iraq and have ignored

European Sophistry

The Europeans never cease to amaze you with their inability to recognize simple facts (I won’t bore you with the Neville Chamberlain analogy)… A recent article in the Economist notes that “there will be no peace in Palestine until the

Hedging Against China

According to the CIA, China is the world’s second largest economy; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has observed that China is becoming a military superpower; and Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte has testified before Congress that China is becoming