Sports Super Tour

I didn’t realize it, but over the last couple of weeks I completed a major tour by attending 6 games involving 6 different teams in 3 different sports: 1. NHL Hockey – Columbus Blue Jackets – 11/15, see posting here 

Bombers Lose in Overtime

Len and I convinced my father to join us for the Dayton Bombers hockey game on Saturday night… The Bombers looked tough in the 2nd period going up 4 -2, but were greatly outplayed by Reading in the 3rd period and

Bengals Win with Great Performance

On Sunday, I attended my first Cincinnati Bengals football game in almost five years… you’ve probably read some of my previous postings and the futility of the Bengals over the last 20 years; and given their performance last week, I wasn’t

Jesus was a Buckeye

If you follow the Ohio State Buckeyes, you know that the staunch fans like to spell out “Ohio” with their arms…   There is a church on I-75 between Dayton and Cincinnati that has the famous “touchdown Jesus” on display.  Evidently, some OSU

Sports can be Rough

A contribution from marathon runner, Becky Keller… Here is a clip of my son’s race… he is a class 1 pro and luckily avoided the crash, but his buddy captured it on video here.  The race was a  1 kilometer, 6

Raiders Win Home Opener

I went with Mark Kelly to the Wright State Raiders home opener last night at the Nutt House.   The Raiders started slowly against Coastal Carolina, but ended up with a convincing 71-48 victory.   It appears that Todd Brown and Vaughn

Football Weekend in Ohio

It was a great weekend for the Buckeyes as they dominated Michigan for the 4th straight time.   They will likely move up to 4th in the BCS polls, and they still have a slight chance of making it to the