Philadelphia is a Tough Town

Philadelphia Eagles Team owner Jeffery Lurie had put together the perfect team for the Philadelphia Eagles. The only thing missing was a good quarterback. He had scouted all the colleges and even the Canadian and European Leagues, but he couldn’t

Buckeyes Win Hockey Tournament

I know that everyone is focusing on Ohio State moving up to #1 in the college football polls…  However, you shouldn’t overlook the Ohio State hockey team.  The Buckeye skaters beat the Wisconsin Badgers Saturday night in Dayton to win

Jewish Soccer Star

Here’s a name that you don’t typically read from the Encyclopedia of Jews in Sports — Benny Feilhaber.  His family moved from Austria to South America prior to the Holocaust, and he grew up playing soccer in Brazil.  He moved

Tennis, Tennis, and More Tennis

I started playing relatively regular tennis around six years ago, when I found good quality players (e.g, Curt Crocker) to arrange for a weekly outing.   In the past three years — after ceasing my play in basketball leagues — I increased

Bicycling Wipe-Out

I went bicycling with my buddy, Steve Weiss, over the weekend and we rode about 30 peaceful miles on the River Corridor until “Adelweiss” took a spill.   Even though he was wearing warm-up pants, he got a nice foot-long strawberry on

Technology Meets the Hockey Skate

I recall when hockey skates changed from stamped steel supports to impact-resistant plastic.  This really didn’t change the performance of skating.  It only made skates look high-tech, and frankly that’s been the only advancement in the hockey skate in the last