Smoothie Anyone?

Another contribution from John Tavardian… I found this site in my various travels across the web. Being such a fan of hockey I thought you would enjoy this little video: BlendTec makes blenders and to show how tough they

Wright State Basketball Preview

I caught the WSU Raiders basketball game last night at the Nutt House with my buddy, Dave Chaliff.   The Raiders were playing Division II Indianapolis in an exhibition game with roughly 2,500 fans in attendance.  With the graduation of All-Star

Blue Jackets are a New Team

I’ve been the constant naysayer… Scott Morris provides a cogent analysis of why things may be different this year: I’ve been to two regular season shutout wins this season where I’ve seen the Blue Jackets outscore the opposition 7-0. I don’t mean

Bicycling Torture Course

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and rather than laying around the house, I decided to challenge my “Bicycling Torture Course”.   This is the 15-mile route that crosses the Stillwater river three times and has the Dayton-version of the Tour

Is There Really Freedom of Speech?

I contend that black athletes are much better than oriental athletes at playing basketball.  Is that thought racist?   Heck, more than 70% of the players in the world’s premier professional league (National Basketball Association) are black, while less than 5%