Greatest NFL and NHL Hits

If you like hitting in sports then you’ll love this video.  It features some of the best hits in football and hockey… Hockey is played at higher speeds than football (skating speeds are faster than running speeds), however, football has

My Hockey Hero

This is for us over-40 year old hockey players… it’s 41 year old Gary Roberts kicking the sh$# out of NHL players half his age… I think that he’s my hero. [youtube][/youtube] 1 min 10 sec [youtube][/youtube] 1 min 23 sec

Basketball Season Predictions

Bear and I went to the Wright State basketball game against St. Bonaventure last night, and we watched the Raiders do a nice job against the trapping zone defense to come out with a 54-45 victory.   Interestingly, the Dayton Flyers

Max Baer – Jewish Boxer

I was recently watching Cinderella Man on television and I noticed again the muted image of a “Star of David” on Max Baer’s boxing trunks… Believe it or not, I was able to go to YouTube and find the original