Bengals Lack Character and Values

I won’t comment on the Bengals’ recent fiasco against the Cleveland Browns… but I will say that the loss is fitting.  Marvin and the Bengals’ leadership have yet to figure out the importance of the players having some positive character traits.  All

Basketball and Racism

The New York Daily News has an article that attempts to help explain Isiah Thomas and his version of racism… “Jurors heard the Knicks coach say he wouldn’t stand for a white man calling a black woman a ‘bitch’ –

Modern Version of Borg .vs. McEnroe

If you’re tired of seeing the American Express commercial where John McEnroe supposedly apologizes to the tennis umpire, I have a humorous alternative for you.  Take a look at this advertisement that is running on the television in Europe: [youtube]9wDzPvNzbzE[/youtube] 50 sec

Blue Jackets Sign Peca

According to an article in ESPN, Michael Peca has signed a contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Evidently, he got tired of waiting around for the New York Rangers to make a deal so he signed with the Columbus NHL franchise.  My fellow hockey

Tennis Master Series in Cincinnati

We visited the Master Series tournament in Cincy yesterday to catch a couple of matches during the qualifying round.  We saw Sebastian Grosjean retire to his fellow Frenchman, even after he won the first set.  We also saw aging tennis