Your Dad was Wrong

Most of us grew up thinking our fathers knew everything about cars… A recent article in Popular Mechanics outlines the top 10 myths about cars that our dads perpetuated: 1. DAD SAID: “Let the engine idle to warm up on cold days.”

Moslem Taxi Driver

It’s always helpful to sample the real world on your own – without the clinical distillation that comes from getting information from newspapers and television… Earlier this week, I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel, and just

Company Motivation

I’m sure that some of you work in those companies where the rah rah mentality is manifested with motivational posters and all of the Psychology 101 clap trap… There is an interesting web site called Demotivators that captures the cynicism

A Bunch of Basketball

We’ve had a “boat load” of basketball in Southwest Ohio this weekend… there was the OSU victory .vs. Tennessee on Saturday afternoon; the UD .vs. La Salle victory on Saturday evening; and the WSU .vs. UWGB victory at home on Saturday night… Wow!

HBO Series: Rome

I rarely take the time to watch — much less recommend — a television mini-series, but one show that I really enjoy is “Rome” on HBO (note: I was also a great fan of the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers“).   Rome is an elaborate show produced

Silly Putty

It’s an example of an inorganic polymer, noted for its many unusual characteristics.  It bounces, it breaks when given a sharp blow, it can flow like a liquid when it is slowly stretched, and it will “melt” into a puddle.