Wright State Basketball

Len and I went to the Wright State basketball yesterday evening and watched the Raiders smoke the Indiana-Purdue-Ft. Wayne Mastodons 72 to 58…  I must say that these WSU basketball games are still the best value in Division 1 basketball. 

Security Ignores the Moslems

Mark Steyn at the Chicago Sun-Times shares a recent story of how our “affirmative action” society has the logical biases so reversed that it’s becoming abhorrent.  See the excerpt below: Mustaf Jama, a Somali ”asylum seeker” in Britain wanted for

Cincinnati Posts a Record Year

No, the Cincy Reds baseball team still sucks… and the Bengals can’t keep their players off of the police blotter page (or win a game when it really matters).  The new record for Cincinnati in 2006 is the quantity of