OSU Marching Band

Since we find self-deprecating humor to be healthy, I thought I would include this provocative photo “modification” sent to me by Mark Clower… The Ohio State marching band is famous for the script “Ohio”.  The photo below portrays what the marching band

Buckeyes Lose Big

I won’t perform a detailed analysis of the BCS football game from last night.  There will be plenty of articles on the Internet and numerous sports pundits on television talking about this game for days.  Needless to say, the Ohio

Jewish Traditions and Beliefs

It’s starting to look like I’m going to have to find a new branch of Judaism for my faith… For those of you not aware, most American Jews generally fall into one of three “classifications”: 1. Orthodox – those Jews who follow

Empress Pelosi

This is a great cartoon from Cox & Forkum…  Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying: “This Congress is going to be about children.”  Of course, this means that Congress is going to be about expanding socialistic entitlements, and children will

Is Iran Planning the Sequel to the Holocaust?

There have been numerous articles about the madman leading Iran known as Ahmadinejad (pronounced “I’m-mad-in-jihad”).  The Iranians are putting all of their resources into the development of nuclear weapons, and I’m-mad-in-jihad has publically stated that Israel will soon be eliminated from the

UD Wins Conference Opener

We went to the University of Dayton basketball game yesterday evening for the A-10 conference opener against UNC-Charlotte (tickets courtesy of Alan and Myrne – thanks).  UD really struggled but pulled out an exciting win 66 to 63.  I’ll have to