Knee High by Fourth of July

It’s a common phrase in the corn-growing Midwestern States: “Knee High by Fourth of July“.  It’s a reference to the height of the corn stalks in the growing season. In reality, the hybrid corn grown in Ohio has often been

Devastation in Dayton?

It’s now more than a month since the destructive tornado winds passed through Southwest Ohio — and as evidenced by a photo that I took today of a home in the Trotwood area (see below) — there are still many

Progress with the Garden

Update We’re now rolling into August and there has been plenty of rain to water the lawn and flowers.  We’ve had a bountiful harvest of raspberries and watermelon, and the morning glories are still blooming (see photos below). .  

Memphis Belle at the Air Force Museum

There were major new articles today about the completion of the Memphis Belle restoration: James Verinis’s children never met their grandfather, Jim Verinis, a co-pilot on the iconic World War II B-17 Memphis Belle.  But this week, they will connect

3D Printing Conference in Texas

I spent the past week in in Ft. Worth, Texas at the RAPID 2018 Conference, which is one of the world’s largest conferences and exhibitions on additive manufacturing.  I presented a paper entitled “Critical Success Factor for Additive Manufacturing: A

The Emerging Hate for Social Media

There appears to be a wide-ranging rebuttal emerging against social media.   While I’ve had this blog for nearly 12 years, I have never embraced the real-time social media ‘mob’.  As I’ve written before, I use Feedly as my custom newsreader

Dishwashers and Hard Water

Our water in Montgomery County, Ohio is about 120 ppm of particulates, which is considered moderately hard.   This means that the ‘clean’ water that enters our home suds up with soap in a reasonable fashion, but calcium compounds form on