The Age of the Endarkenment

Update Bret Weinstein testifies before congress about the impending Age of Endarkenment™:   March 19, 2023 Simple commentary from James Kunstler about the wacky age in which we are living and the likelihood that the craziness must stop: And the

Harvard, Boeing, and Bud Light

You may think, “what do these three topics have in common?”   Here’s the explanation for you — using recent case studies of tone deaf leadership to highlight problems in industry, academia, and government.  Comparing failure at Harvard to failure in

The Continued Idiocracy of the UN

Update Here is an interesting development with the idiots at the UN: The United Nations on Friday fired 12 of its employees in Gaza and began an investigation into their participation in terrorism…  The workers, all men employed by the

Are We Heading Towards World War III?

Given the harsh political divisions in our country, there are many people speculating that the United States could experience another civil war on par with that deadly conflict in 1860s. However, there are not many pundits considering the possibility of

What is Chanukah?

December 9, 2023 Another update for the holiday of Chanukah.  This time with a YouTube video that provides a nice video summary.   December 17, 2022 Update It’s time to dust-off the old reliable article that I first wrote during