Trump and the Middle East

I have a cousin who loves Nikki Haley for the pragmatic positions that she takes on the UN and the Middle East.  I explain to him that Nikki was not appointed by Obama or the Democrats… A great commentary from

The Challenge for the Jews

Update Another update on American Jewry and the hopes for a secure Jewish future: American Jews vote overwhelmingly for the increasingly anti-Israel Democratic Party. And while making up a mere 2% of the US population, American Jews contributed 50% of

Disruptor in Chief

This is why Trump was elected to office… somebody who was going to work to make things different in Washington DC: This president won the White House because he was a disruptor. Perhaps more importantly, Americans supporting the president expect

Why is Europe So Progressive?

I can’t verify this claim, but if it’s true it certainly explains a lot: What do Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Italy’s Paolo Gentiloni, Great Britain’s Theresa May, Holland’s Mark Rutte, Sweden’s Stefan Löfven, Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, and the European Commission’s Jean-Claude Juncker all have

Modern Journalism has No Scruples

Another useful commentary from Victor Davis Hanson where he talks about the Crude News Network (previously known as the Communist News Network): The present generation of journalists and reporters tends to believe that just conveying the news no longer offers

The US Constitution is not based on Socialism

If you understand anything about global politics, you realize that this ‘climate change’ clap trap is a convenient ruse to redistribute money from hard working people while centralizing government control over everything.  This Paris Agreement was an Obama farce and our US constitution

By Any Means Necessary?

The Leftists in America are becoming unhinged: Churchill said Fascism would take root in the West under the guise of anti-Fascism… My real concern here is the rise of the radical left – those people who believe that their cause

Affirmative Action vs Meritocracy

I’ve explained to many a person, that our culture is still enamored with false pretenses and virtue signaling (also known as Political Correctness). Unfortunately, many day-to-day decisions at universities, government, and other large organizations have very little to do with

Who are the Bad Guys?

Who knows? Perhaps there is still hope in the world… a writer in the Chicago Tribute has observed the obvious: For years, the left has warned that it would be conservatives who would take away people’s basic rights like the