Do We Know the Truth?

In this day and age, we’re confronted with the daily challenge of trying to determine the “Truth” — Is my friend being honest with his excuse?  Did my spouse really forget to tell me about the phone call?  Most importantly,

What’s Worse Than Obamacare?

Simple: Hillarycare. If she becomes President, you can count on more Government control of healthcare and a downward spiral in the quality of medical services. This week, the White House finally admitted what had become obvious for months: premiums within the

What’s the Worst That can Happen?

Mark Steyn commenting about the prospects of Hillary in office: Think of what the last eight years have wrought – Obamacare, a weaponized IRS, six-figure fines for homophobic bakeries – and then pitch America forward to 2024. Picture the most

Voting Early in Ohio

No, not me.  I vote in the more traditional fashion.  Frankly, I think the notion of opening-up voting nearly a month before the election is on par with motor voter registration… One of my friends, who happens to be a a regular

It’s Just a Clock

If you recall, there was a young Moslem lad that decided (along with his father) to modify a clock to make it look like a questionable apparatus: Yep, according to Clock Boy’s father, Mohamed, that looks like a harmless clock…  In

A Criminal as President?

As a believer in classical liberalism I’m not a fan of Mr. Trump, but I know which way I’m voting.  This observation from Roger Simon sums up the basis for my decision rather well: Whatever you think of Donald Trump,