Obama Adopting Soviet Tactics

I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised that Obama and his cretins have decided to edit the emergency phone calls from the recent Islamic massacre in Orlando…  Obama and company edit everything to their liking, such as videos about dealings

Obama and Radical Islam

Is that why they call him the Manchurian Marxist Moslem? We know he won’t call it “radical Islam,” claiming that that is a distraction or a talking point.  Perhaps the real reason is that he doesn’t believe that what the

Any Evolution in Leftist Ideology?

An interesting commentary from Richard Fernandez The Left is often proven wrong, but for so long as those defeats were cushioned by wealth and security they were of an intellectual character that could be dismissed as a glitch. For example when Paul Erlich, the

Democrat Mayor Justifies Mob Violence

It’s just not a rational position for an elected official to take: Thousands of Americans participated in that most benign of civic rituals in San Jose, California, on Thursday night: seeing a presidential candidate speak. Of course, that candidate was

Executive Branch Shakedown

Is anybody surprised? Bank of America has been able to reduce a multi-billion dollar mortgage fraud penalty imposed by the Justice Department by giving millions of dollars to liberal groups approved by the Obama administration. The bank has wiped about

USA Paying for Border Fences?

Does anyone else see the irony in the US paying for a border fence for another country? A US-funded partnership between Jordan and Raytheon is entering the final phase of a nearly $100 million program to guard the Hashemite Kingdom against